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Our commitments


I-Stem researchers regularly participate in debates dedicated to ethical reflection on the scientific work and medical perspectives of human embryonic stem cell research. The scientific director of I-Stem and the scientific director of UMR 861 are regularly auditioned by the various committees and councils whose opinion is requested by the parliament on these subjects, as well as in the hearings carried out by the elected officials of the National Assembly and the Senate. This was again the case in 2018 in the context of the work leading to a new revision of the Laws of Bioethics. Cécile Martinat also represented the French Society for Stem Cell Research (FSSCR) of which she is the founding president.

Professional equality

I-Stem brings together two employers, the CECS and the UMR 861 :

  • CECS promotes access to employment for all persons whose skills could contribute to the success of CECS projects and activities, and fights against all forms of discrimination in access to employment (criteria related to origin, gender, family situation, health status, disability, age, family name, etc.). ). In this context, CECS has adopted a Gender Equality Plan for 2022.
  • In the same way, UMR 861 is a signatory of the Inserm Professional Equality Plan, which also includes a general approach to the fight against discrimination in employment.

Web eco-design and accessibility

To reduce our environmental impact, our website is eco-designed. Several criteria have been take into account : design, functionalities, content, hosting, user experience.

Results :

  • B – Eco-design score*
  • 2,2cl of water consumed by page*
  • 1,5g of CO2e emitted by page*

Our website follows web accessibility criteria as well with a score of 97/100.**


* Average of all our website pages from a measure done the 05/25/2023 – EcoIndex. 

** Measure done the 05/23/2023 – Google Lighthouse.