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Stem cells are essential resources for research and development. The CECS/I-Stem cell biobank allows to preserve and make available to research teams the biological material essential for the study of genetic diseases and the development of cellular therapies.

The CECS/I-Stem Biobank maintains a large collection of human cell lines, including embryonic stem cell lines (hES), induced pluripotency cell lines (iPSC) and their derivatives. All the cell lines are kept in mirror storage on two sites for greater security: a main biobank, located on the Genopole campus, and an extension biobank, located in our premises at 28, rue H. Desbruères. Both sites are secured by alarm systems that meet regulatory requirements.

After reception of the initial samples provided by I-Stem teams, external collaborators or industrial partners, the cells are cultured and qualified in collaboration with the Cell Biology and Bioproduction platforms.

Because of its organization and management, the bio-bank allows research teams to have access at all times to numerous cellular models of genetic diseases as well as high-quality healthy “control” cells.

The missions provided by the Biobank team are the following:

  • Collect cell samples
  • Prepare cell banks, store them and make them available to the scientific community.
  • Preserve samples for ongoing and future research programs
  • Manage and organize storage
  • Apply the regulations in force

All these activities are performed according to procedures validated by the I-Stem Quality Assurance department.

Team members

Léa Lesueur

Bioproduction Engineer, Biobanque Manager

Lina El-Kassar

Engineer Cell Biology

Arnaud Bassier

Technical Manager


Centre des Ressources Biologiques (CRB), Généthon

The Biobank works in close collaboration with the CRB of Genethon in the framework of several research programs.


Cryo-preservation park

I-Stem’s cryopreservation facility has a total of 14 certified gas phase cryo vessels of various models and capacities.

The cryogenic vessels of the main bio-bank are supplied with liquid nitrogen from a 5000 liter tank while the cryogenic vessels of the extension bio-bank are supplied by three feeders.

Freezer -150°C

Freezer -150°C

Sartorius Stedim


Automated filling system. It allows the simultaneous opening, filling and closing of a matrix of 96 cryotubes. Each tube has a unique barcode on the bottom to ensure traceability.


VisionMate Reader

Scanner that instantly decodes 2D barcodes from racks of 96 cryotubes to ensure traceability.



Controlled temperature descent system, works with nitrogen and ensures a certain quality of freezing. Installed in 2011, funded by Genopole.